Dec. 6, 2017

1,300 Sq m COMBI SLAB

Builtwise Constructions is excited to be involved with the construction of Solve Altona for Enviropacific Services. This industry-leading waste treatment facility is in the final stages of construction.

The emission and odour-controlled structure will offer the Victorian market a specialised, alternative solution for the management of contaminated soils and industrial waste – diverting waste from finite land filling. “Enviropacific are committed to improving the environment for future generations, and Builtwise is proud to play our part in making this project come together” says Trent Holbrook, Director of Builtwise Constructions. Solve Altona will provide cost-effective solutions to legacy wastes and assist in the reactivation and beneficial use of urban space that was once a wasteland.

In mid-November 2017, Builtwise Constructions managed the pour of a 1300 Sq m fully-jointless combination concrete slab for the project. Other details include: the use of 13.5 tonnes of conventional steel reinforcement; approximately 500 tonnes of fibre-reinforced concrete; over 100 service penetrations, with close to 1.3km of sub-surface service reticulation, pipework and conduits. The slab was fully-graded, pitched and hand-screeded.

Solve Altona will be in operation early-2018.